My Families


This is a list of the various family names in which I am interested:

ANDREWS, Grantham, Lincolnshire; 1744 - 1820

    Mary Andrews, born Grantham 1753, married to Charles JEPSON and lived in Bingham, Notts. Brother Henry Andrews born Grantham 1744, died 1806. Catherine JEPSON, daughter of Charles & Mary married to William MORLEY.

AS(H)LIN(G), London; 18c - 19c

    Charles Canham Asling born 1787 Aldersgate, London, son of Charles & Ann. Daughter Mary Ann (born 1825) married to Thomas JEPSON. Asling Family possibly originated in Nottingham.

AYLIFFE, Brinkworth, Wiltshire; 1550 - 1800

    Sir John Ayliffe was surgeon to King henry VIII and was knighted in 1549. He was granted the manor of Grittenham (in the parish of Brinkworth, Wiltshire) and the family remained in the parish until the 19th century.

BAILY, Calne, Wiltshire; 18c - 19c

    Catherine Baily born Calne 1826, daughter of Benjamin Bodman Baily, married to Thomas Large HENLY in 1847. benjamin Bodman Baily lived at Berrils Farm, just outside the town, and was mayor of Calne in 1854.

BAMBER, Lancashire; 1600 - 1850. London; 1800 - present

    William Eccleston Bamber born 1865 son of John. Married in 1890 to Emma ROBINSON, and worked as a police constable in Brighton.

BANNISTER, Birmingham, Warwickshire; 1850 - 1900

    Charles William Bannister, born Birmingham 1851, married to Elizabeth M. WOOLF, daughter of Ezekiel. Possibly parents of Harry Bannister.

BARNES, Kingston Lisle, Berkshire; 1500 - 1650 and Brinkworth, Wiltshire; 1500 - 1650

    Margaret Barnes born in Brinkworth c. 1519, daughter of Richard (d. 1570) and Maryan. Married to Thomas HENLY. Possible connection to Barnes family of Kingston Lisle, Berkshire.

BETTESWORTH, Easebourne, Rogate & Laughton, Sussex, 17c - present

    William Bettesworth born Easebourne c. 1738, married at Rogate 1760 to Mary SPRINT. Later family lived in Stoughton. Possibly descended from Hampshire family

BONELL, Ripley, Derbyshire; 1850 +. Barton, Staffordshire; 1750 - 1900

    John Bonell born Cannock 1823. Son John born at Lichfield 1854, married to Mary BROWN, lived in Ripley.

BROWN, Ripley, Derbyshire; 1850 - 1920

    See BONELL

BUTCHER, Portslade, Sussex; 1750 - 1850

    Harriet Butcher born Steyning 1785, daughter of John and Ann. Married at Portslade 1804 to William PETERS

CANHAM, London; 1700 - 1750

    See ASLING

CHEESEMAN, Portslade & Shoreham, Sussex; 1650-1800

    Susannah Cheeseman, born Portslade 1752, daughter of William and Susannah. Married at Portslade 1778 to John PETERS. Grand-daughter of Francis Cheeseman, born Southwick 1698 (son of Francis and Mary) and Ann TRANGMORE

COLE, Bremhill & Derry Hill, Wiltshire; 1750 - 1900

    Joseph Cole born 1787, married 1815 to Ann SLADE of Bremhill. Son George married Mary DOLMAN of Wroughton, Wiltshire, and his son Henry married in 1852 to Eleanor DOLMAN of Derry Hill.

COLLINS. Evesham & Tibberton, Worcestershire; 1800 - 1900. Bloxham, Oxfordshire; 1800 - 1850

    Thomas Collins born c.1820 at Bloxham, son of Henry Collins and Elizabeth COX. Daughter Rachel Collins born 1854 at Evesham, Worcestershire, married 1875 to Shadrach HARBER.

COX, Bloxham, Oxfordshire, 1800-1850


CRO(S)(S)COMBE. Exeter, Devon, 1750 - 1877

    Philip Croscombe born c.1723 at Bideford, married to Esther ADAMS. Son John Croscombe born Bideford c.1760, married to Ann STOYLE. His son, Philip Croscombe, born 1799 at Bideford, married 1819 at Exeter to Mary MacDonald. His daughter Mary Ann born 1826, married to Michael WOOLF

DO(L)MAN, Chippenham, Wiltshire; 1700 - 1900

    George Dolman born c.1730, married at Chippenham 1751 to Alice WHITE. Son Isaac born Chippenham c.1753 married to Sarah COLE.
    See also COLE for second link between families.

DUESBURY, Derby; 1750 - 1800. Longton, Staffordshire; 1700 - 1750

    William Duesbury, born at Longton c.1725, married to Sarah JAMES. Moved to Derby and founded the Derbyshire Crown China company. Son John Duesbury married 1780 to Hannah ROBINSON, and their daughter Elizabeth Duesbury married in Derby 1800 to George Andrews JEPSON

EASTMAN, New Hampshire, USA; 1800 - present


EDWARDS, Brinkworth, Wiltshire; 1600 - 1700

    William Edwards born c.1600, married c.1625 to Mary SKULL. Daughter Margaret married c.1648 to Alexander HENLY

FINMORE, Berkshire; 1400 - 1650. Wiltshire; 1400 - 1650

    Adam Finmore of Kingston Lisle, d.1604, possible descendant of Robert Fynmore of East Hendred, d.1534. Adam's daughter Elizabeth Finmore married c.1625 to Jeffery HENLY of Brinkworth, Wilts. Finmore family known to have lived also in Calne, Wiltshire.

FREEGARD, Bremhill, Wiltshire; 1700 - 1900

    Family present in Bremhill from early 18th century. Possibly derived from the name FRICKER, found locally from 17th century.

GARLAND, North Hill & Linkinhorne, Cornwall; 1750 - 1900

    Sampson Garland born North Hill, Cornwall 1690, son of Sampson. Daughter Grace, born 1731, married to Thomas PEAK. Later family bore surname PEAK-GARLAND, and lived at Linkinhorne.

GOTHERIDGE, Derbyshire; Anytime

    Thomas Gotheridge born Church Broughton c.1791, possibly son of Sampson MIDDLETON and Sarah Gotheridge. Moved to Heage.

HARBER, Norton Juxta Kempsey, Herefordshire; 1800 - 1930

    Henry Harber, born in Somerset c.1812, married c.1830 to Elizabeth LEWIS and lived at Hanbury and Tibberton, Worcestershire. Son Henry (1835-1911) lived at Pound House Farm, Norton-Juxta-Kempsey, Worcestershire.

HEN(D)L(E)Y, Anywhere; Anytime

    Thomas Henly born c.1525. married to Margaret BARNES. Son William Henly born Brinkworth, Wiltshire c.1555. Another William Henley born c.1520 lived in nearby Wootton Bassett. Possible links with families in Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and Devon.

HILL, Boston, Lincolnshire; 1750 - 1800

    Robert Hill SIMPSON born 1797, son of Thomas and Jane (nee Shepherd). Link with HILL family not yet established.

HOLLEY, Bremhill & Calne, Wiltshire; 1750 - 1850

    John Holley married at Bremhill 1727 to Elizabeth HILLIER. Elizabeth Holley born Calne 1812, married at Lacock 1841 to George DOLMAN

HUNT, Brinkworth, Wiltshire; 1750 - 1850

    Jane HENLY (1749 - 1824), daughter of William and Jane, married at Brinkworth 1779 to John Hunt. Son William Henly Hunt (1781 - 1845) married at Brinkworth 1829 to Jane WHALE.

JAMES, Longton, Staffordshire; 1700 - 1750


JEP(H)SON, Anywhere; Anytime

    William Jepson of Broxholme, Lincolnshire born c.1670, possibly descended from family in Rutland. Son William Jepson vicar choral of Lincoln Cathedral. His son, Charles Jepson, (1753-1807), doctor at Bingham, Nottinghamshire. His son George Andrews Jepson (1776 - 1841) born Bingham, lived in Derby, Nottingham and London. His grandson George Andrews Jepson (1856 - 1944) born London, lived in Brighton.
    Also George Jepson b.1773 South Normanton, Derbyshire, lived in Heage.
    Also Henry Jephson, doctor of Leamington Spa, born Sutton in Ashfield 1798.
    Connection between three families not yet established.

LEWEN, Brinkworth, Wiltshire; 1550 - 1700

    Robert Lewen, merchant of Devizes, died 1580. Son Thomas Lewen settled in Brinkworth and family was established there for over two centuries.

MORLEY, Nottingham; 1780 - present

    Henry Andrews Morley born Nottingham 1806, son of William and Catherine (nee JEPSON). See ANDREWS.

NICHOLS, Brinkworth, Wiltshire; 1650 - 1900

    Margaret Nichols (1680 - 1759), daughter of John and Margaret, married at Brinkworth 1701 to John HENLY

PARKIN, Denby, Kilburn & Belper, Derbyshire; 1700 - present

    Samuel Parkin born at Kilburn 1885, son of Henry Parkin and Matilda FOWKES. Family traced back in Kilburn and Denby to 17th century.

PEAK, Linkinhorne, Cornwall; 1750 - 1900


PETERS, Portslade, Sussex; 1750 - 1900

    William Peters, born 1783, son of John and Susannah (nee CHEESEMAN).

PINNELL, Brinkworth, Wiltshire; 1500 - 1650

    Alice Pinnell, born c.1565, daughter of Ralph of Grittenham (par. Brinkworth), married to William HENLY

PONTING, Brinkworth, Wiltshire; 1550 - 1750

    Joanne Ponting married at Brinkworth 1672 to John HENLY. Grand-daughter of Robert Ponting (1587 - 1660) and Katherine HENLY.

ROBERTSON, Amherst, New Hampshire, USA; 1770 - 1900

    Anne Seaton ROBERTSON, daughter of Peter HENLEY and Molly SEATON, born at Amherst, New Hampshire c.1790, married 1812 to Samuel EASTMAN.

ROBINSON, Derby; 1760 - 1800


    See BAMBER

SCULL, Brinkworth & Lyneham, Wiltshire; 1500 - 1800

    See SKULL

SEATON, Amherst, New Hampshire, USA; 1770 - 1900


SELF, Great Cheverell & Bremhill, Wiltshire; 1700 - 1900

    Edward Self born Great Cheverell 1805. Married at Bremhill 1829 to Elizabeth SLADE. Daughter Mary Ann Self born Bremhill 1840 married to William HENLY

SIMPSON, Boston, Lincolnshire; 1750 - 1830. London; 1830 - 1900

    Robert Hill Simpson born Boston 1797, married in London 1830 to Mary Ann HALBEY or WALBEY. Son Edward Simpson married to Mary Kezia TOGHILL. Robert and Edward were both organ builders.

SKULL, Brinkworth & Lyneham, Wiltshire; 1500 - 1800

    Jane Skull married 1743 to William HENLY of Brinkworth. Possible descent from family in Brinkworth. See also EDWARDS.

SLADE, Bremhill, Wiltshire; 1600 - 1850

    Ann Slade, daughter of Benjamin & Jane, married at Bremhill 1831 to Robert HENLY. Sister Elizabeth Slade married at Bremhill 1829 to Edward SELF.

SPRINT, Rogate, Sussex; 1740-1800


STANDEN, Sussex; 1600 - 1850


STANDING, Sussex; 1600 - 1850. Brighton, Sussex; 1850 - present

    John Standing married at Fittleworth 1777 to Jane ELLIOTT. Son James settled in Pulborough, and later family moved to Brighton. John possibly born at Duncton 1750 son of Edmund and Jane, with possible descent from John Standing of Thakeham (died 1697).

STRATTON, Bremhill & Brinkworth, Wiltshire; 1550 - 1800

    Thomas Stratton of Bremhill died 1581. Family possibly originated in Norfolk. Family settled in Brinkworth, and were established there for over two centuries.

SUMMERS, Bremhill, Wiltshire; 1600 - 1800

    Jane Summers born at Bremhill 1775, daughter of Richard & Alice (nee RUMMING). Married at Bremhill 1799 to Benjamin SLADE.

TOGHILL, London; 1800 - 1900

    Edward Toghill, tailor of St Marylebone, married to Mary Kezia ALLCOTT. Daughter Mary Kezia Toghill married at St Pancras 1863 to Edward SIMPSON.

TRANGMORE, Portslade, Sussex; 1700-1750


TURNER, Islington & Greenwich, London; 1800 - present

    Frederick George Turner, born Islington 1845, married 1877 to Alice Ann CARTER. Son Mark Anthony Turner (1879 - 1954) married at Greenwich 1916 to Rachel HARBER, and lived in Bognor Regis, Sussex.

TUSON, London; 1780 - 1880

    Henry Basil Tuson (1828 - 1891), son of William. married at St Mary Marylebone 1848 to Sarah JEPSON. Henry's sister Jane married 1837 at St James', Westminster, to Sarah's brother, Charles JEPSON.

WATERMAN, Calne, Wiltshire; 1700 - 1800

    Mary WATERMAN born Calne 1751 daughter of Robert Waterman and Hannah SILK. Married at Blacklands (near Calne) 1776 to William HENLY.

WHALE, Brinkworth, Wiltshire; 1750 - 1850

    See HUNT

WOOLF, Exeter, Devon; 1750 - 1900. Birmingham, Warwickshire; 1850 - 1900. London; 1800 - 1900

    Michael Woolf born Exeter 1825, son of Isaac. Married in Exeter 1854 to Mary Ann CROSCOMBE, and their daughter, Caroline Hannah Woolf (1862-1935) married to George Andrews JEPSON. Michael's brother Ezekiel Woolf born Exeter c.1817 married to Elizabeth PEYMAN, lived in Birmingham, daughter Elizabeth Leah married to Charles William BANNISTER

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