The JEPSON Family

The Nineteenth Century Family.


Thomas was born .c.1812 at Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, the third son of George Andrews JEPSON and he was baptised on 16 Oct 1812 at St. Peter's Nottingham.

Until his first marriage he worked as a commercial traveller in the jewellery trade, probably working for his father. In the 1841 census he is found living with his brothers, sister and recently widowed mother in Poulteney St., Soho. On 3 August he married Charlotte Grace LEE. by licence at St. Swithin, London Stone. in the City of London. At this time his occupation was described as Jeweller. The marriage was witnessed by his eldest sister Mary Elizabeth.

Their son Henry was born in 1845 in Kent and Thomas's wife Charlotte died in 1846.

On 14 September 1847 Thomas married Mary Ann ASLING-by Banns at St. Mark's, Middleton Sq., Clerkenwell. The bride's father was Father Charles Canham ASLING, Jeweller,who lived in the fashionable area of Lloyd's Sq., Islington. Charles' trade address was the same as Thomas' (39 Great Pulteney Street), so it is reasonable to assume that they were partners.

From then until his retirement Thomas worked as a Jeweller and Jet-worker from premises in St. John's St Road, Islington and had a private residence at 2, York Place, Barnsbury Park, Islington. He also described himself in the census as a Commercial Traveller. At this time the census shows him to be fairly prosperous employing one servant in his private residence. In 1871 he had moved to 422, Liverpool Road, Islington, and later to 350 Liverpool Rd., where he died on 25 November 1880, having been pre-deceased by his wife. Letters of Administration were granted to his eldest son Henry, a Solicitor's Clerk then living in Brixton Road, Brixton, on 26 March 1881.

References. 1841 -1871 censuses; Trade and Street Directories; Civil and Parish records.

Henry JEPSON (6,15)

Born c.1845 at Margate Kent,the only child of Thomas JEPSON's first marriage. He was the sole executor of his father's will which was probated in 1881. He was then shown as a Solicitor's Clerk, living at 33, Brixton Rd., Middlesex. He died at South Lambert Rd., Surrey on 2nd May 1890, a batchelor. Administration was granted to his brother Thomas.


Thomas was born c.1848 at Islington, Middlesex the second son of Thomas JEPSON. His occupation was Commercial Traveller and he lived at 11, Tennyson St Nottingham from 1875-78; Ockbrook, Derbyshire 1878-83; Derby 1884-86; 62, Ebury Road, Nottingham 1886-1907; Lalla Rookh Cottage, Hucknall Rd., Nottingham 1907-1915 and at Denham House, Devonshire Pl., Nottingham 1915-1928. He married Sarah Elizabeth some time before 1874; she died on 17 April 1893. He died on 13 Jan 1929 at Rosemead, Salcombe Regis, Sidcombe,Devon. In his will made on 12 May 1923 he mentions his son Stanley a Jeweller; Daughters Norah Denham Jepson, Katherine Annie Jepson, Dorothy Hirons Jepson (all unmarried) and other children. Probate was granted on 18 April 1929; the total value was £4679 10s.

George Andrews JEPSON

Born at Bingham Nottinghamshire, George was the first son of Charles JEPSON, Surgeon-Apothecary. He was baptised at All Saints Church Bingham on 8 March 1776. From 7 May 1791 he was apprenticed to William READ, Clockmaker of Grantham, Lincolnshire for seven years. He then worked for a time in Melbourne Derbyshire as a Watch-maker. On 9 Mar 1800 he married Elizabeth DUESBURY, daughter of John DUESBURY of Derby, at Derby Cathedral by Licence.

His first daughter, Mary Elizabeth was born in Melbourne in 1801 but by 1805 the family had moved to Nottingham. In 1811 he was declared insolvent and imprisoned in Nottingham's Debtor's prison. Unfortunately details of the proceedings have not survived. However George then moved to London where he worked as a Watch maker possibly in partnership with Charles ASLING.

George died 7 May 1841, aged 64 years, at Golden Square, Westminster and was buried at St James Westminster on 14 May 1841.



	6,23 Anne JEPSON

	Anne was baptised on 28 June 1820 at St Martin's in the Fields, Westminster, the third daughter of George Andrews JEPSON and Elizabeth. She assisted her sister Mary Elizabeth q.v., in running a Ladie's School at various addresses in London.


	Charles JEPSON

	Charles was born c.1805 at Nottingham the eldest son of George Andrews JEPSON and Elizabeth and was baptised on 18 Mar 1805 at St. Peter's Nottingham. He married Jane TUSON, daughter of William TUSON, modeller, on 5 Aug 1837 and they lived at 57, Poland St., London W1. Thomas's occupation was shown variously as Commercial Traveller and Jeweller.


		Charles William born 7 August 1845 and baptised 10 Aug 1845 at St. James Piccadilly, Middlesex.

		Fanny Sarah born 29 Jun 1847 and baptised 25 Aug 1847 at St. James Piccadilly, Middlesex.



	Charlotte Augusta JEPSON

	Charlotte Augusta, second (??) daughter of George Andrews Jepson and Elizabeth, was baptised 28 June 1820 at St Martin's in the Fields, Westminster. She assisted her sister Mary Elizabeth q.v., in running a Ladie's School at various addresses in London.


	Mary Elizabeth JEPSON

	Mary Elizabeth was the eldest child of George Andrews Jepson and Elizabeth. She was baptised in Melbourne on 6 March 1801. In the 1841 census she appears in Great Pulteney St., London with her sisters and other siblings. However in later censuses where she appeared with her sisters she maintained her age was ten years younger. From approximately 1835 until 1871 she ran a Ladie's School; first at 16, Broad St., then 35 & 39 Great Pulteney St., and finally at 7 Sussex Terrace, Regent's Park., London.

I think that Mary Elizabeth died young, and that a subsequent child, also called Mary, was born around 1811.


	Sarah JEPSON (4.18)

	Born c.1828 the youngest daughter of George Andrews JEPSON and Elizabeth. Sarah married Henry Basil TUSON on 15 Aug 1848. Henry was the brother of Jane, who had married Sarah's brother, Charles, eleven years' earlier.


3. The Early Family


Charles JEPSON

Born at The Baille, Lincoln the fourth son of William JEPSON , Receiver-General of The Dean and Chapter of Lincoln Cathedral , Charles was baptised on .6 March 1753 at St Mary Magdalene, Lincoln.

On 1 September 1767 he commenced a seven year apprenticeship under Christopher Stone of Grantham as a Surgeon-Apothecary. On completion of his apprenticeship he married Mary ANDREWS on 2 December 1775 by Licence with the consent of her father John ANDREWS a Baker in Grantham; she was only 19 years of age. It is thought that Mary was the sister of Henry Andrews, an eminent astronomer of the time.

After their marriage they moved to Bingham in Nottinghamshire where Charles practised as a Surgeon-Apothecary. He died on 9 September 1807 at Bingham. His death was reported in The Nottingham Journal on 12 Sep 1807 and also in The Gentleman's magazine (Vol LXXVII, part 2 pg 981 ) Oct 1807: "At Bingham Notts, in his 53rd year Mr. Jepson, many years an eminent surgeon." bur.11 Sep 1807 at Bingham, Nottinghamshire


  The Medical Register 1779,80 & 83.

  Inland Revenue Apprentice Returns.

  Parish Registers.

  Probate of Will of William Jepson.

  The Gentleman's Magazine Vol LXXVII pt. 2 pg. 981

  The Nottingham Journal 12 Sept 1807



George Andrews bap 8 Mar 1876, All Saints,Bingham See above

Rebecca bap 1 October 1780, bur 1 Nov 1780, All Saints, Bingham Catherine bap 12 May 1782, All Saints Bingham

William Henry bap 29 May 1784, All Saints Bingham


William JEPSON


William was born 5 June 1718 at Sixhill, Lincolnshire where his father Thomas was the Vicar. The parish register entry suggests that he was baptised on the day of his birth and his father's joy at his birth may have been reflected in the fact that he also recorded the event on the cover of the register. Later William also wrote on the same cover "William Jepson hoc verta faesit ..." Unfortunately it has not been possible to positively identify William in the records of either Oxford or Cambridge universities but in 1749-50 he was appointed as a School teacher in The Close Lincoln. At that time he was appointed Clerk of the Fabric at the Cathedral and Surveyor of the Church lands and buildings retaining these posts until his death in 1793 In the Faculty Office muniment book (in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, now held in Lambeth Palace Library, we find his appointment as a Notary Public in 1759. At this time he was one of the Procurators General in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Lincoln who was qualified to act as a Surrogate to the Bishop. For this he had to be "at a Master of Arts who hath some skill in the civil and ecclesiastical law" (Burns). His name is to be found on may wills as the officiating church official at the administration of probate. In 1740 he married Rebecca and they lived at The Baille, Lincoln.


	Parish Registers

	Probate of William Jepsons Will 1793

 	Lincoln & Nottingham Architectural Society.

	Lambeth Palace Library; faculty Office Muniment Book and attendant Fiat series.

	Burn's " Ecclesiatical Law" 1842


Rebecca baptised 27 February 1749 at Lincoln,

William born c.1748 at Lincoln, died 1802.

Thomas born c.1751 at Lincoln, died c.1828,

Charles baptised 6 March 1753 at Lincoln See above

Hannah Maria born c.1755 at Lincoln.

James born c. 1756 at Lincoln. George 1752 - 1837

Catherine born c.1758 at Lincoln.

Ann baptised 1 July 1757 at Lincoln; died April 1811 at Hazely Heath, Hants.




	Rev George JEPSON MA


	George was born c.1752 the third son of the Rev. William JEPSON and was baptised on 14 February 1752 at St Mary's Magdalene, Lincoln. He was admitted to St. John's College, Cambridge 31 October 1772. He gained his BA degree in 1777 and his MA in 1780. He was appointed Senior Vicar of Lincoln Cathedral in 1782 where he remained until he resigned in 1831 but then remained as Provost, Sacrist and Succentor until his death in 1837. On 22 January 1782 he married by Licence, Eleanor Gibbeson the daughter of Richard Gibbeson who became Mayor of Lincoln in 1783. George Jepson was a pluralist having livings at Glentham-cum-Normanby, Hainton and Ashby Puerorum. From 1806 he was also Vicar of St. Botolph's Lincoln and Perpetual Curate of St Peter-at-Gowts. He died 21 April 1837 aged 84. His obituary in the Gentleman's Magazine states "....his father William gave his son the various livings listed above in addition to the position of Senior Vicar Choral in Lincoln Cathedral. He was also half-pay Chaplain to the 82nd Regiment of Foot. His income from all his livings was estimated to have been not more than £100pa of which half always went to his curate. His total income never exceeded £400pa for which, up to his 70th year, he did three duties every Sunday and twice a day at the Cathedral every fourth week. He had descended from him in his life-time children, grand-children and great-grand-children, seventytwo persons, equal to the family the patriarch took into Egypt."

	George Jepson's death in 1837 was deeply lamented by all who knew him. According to his grand-son, Canon Bentham son of George's daughter Catherine, he was "a man of remarkable sweetness of temper, of considerable musical ability, and gifted with a good tenor voice; very modest and retiring." George Jepson was buried on the north side of the cloister of Lincoln Cathedral and the spot is marked by a plaque which indicates that his wife Eleanor, who died on 15 September 1833, aged 77 years, is buried there with him.


  The Gentleman's Magazine



		Eleanor baptised 15 December 1782 at Lincoln.

		Maria baptised 11 March 1787 at Lincoln.

		Catherine baptised 24 October 1790 at Lincoln

		Frances baptised 29 October 1791 at Lincoln.

		Jane baptised 4 July 1793 at Lincoln.

		William baptised 20 January 1795 at Lincoln

		Elizabeth baptised 19 April 1796 at Lincoln

		Henry born 13 September 1797 at Lincoln


		Rev. Charles JEPSON BA(Cantab) (4,10)

		Charles was born c.1799 and was baptised 11 Mar 1799 at St Margaret in the Close. He was the youngest son of the Rev George JEPSON He was educated at Christ's Hospital School, Middlesex and was admitted to Trinity College, Cambridge 2 July 1817. He gained his BA 1822 and was ordained priest at Lincoln in 1823. He was appointed Curate of Heighington Lincs but died a week later at Hampton on 30 May 1823.



		Alumni Cantab.

		Gentlemen's Magazine. 1823 II 90.



		George JEPSON MRCS (4,10)


		George was born c.1788 at Lincoln, the eldest son of the Rev. George Jepson. He was baptised on 23 March 1788 at St Margaret in the Close,Lincoln, and was educated at Lincoln Grammar School. On 26 May 1803 he commenced his apprenticeship as a Surgeon with Gervase Parnell Esq.,a noted Surgeon-Apothecary of Gainsborough. This would have been for seven years. On completion he worked at Guy's Hospital London as dresser to Sir Astley Cooper; and gained the Diploma of The Royal College of Surgeons in 1810. He continued to work at Guy's Hospital in partnership with Sir Astley Cooper from 1810 to 1827 when he retired. He then practised in Gainsborough until his death on 17 August 1872 aged 85 years. He married.c.1813 Sarah Ann. The obituary to him in The Lancet for 31 August 1872 referred to him as an able practitioner and citizen of Gainsborough.



  The Lancet 31 Aug 1872

  Wallis's Eighteenth Century Medics.

  The Medical Register 1859.


			George born c.1813 at Gainsborough

			Edward Cane born c.1813 at Gainsborough

			Elizabeth born c.1816 at Gainsborough

			Margaret born c.1820 at Gainsborough

			Robert Cane born c.1825 at Gainsborough

			Henry born c.1826 at Gainsborough

			William born c.1827 at Gainsborough

			Alfred born c.1830 at Gainsborough

			Octavius born 24 July 1832 at Gainsborough

			Eleanor born c.1834 at Gainsborough


			Edward Cane JEPSON FRCS LSA

			Edward Cane was born c.1813 at Gainsborough the second son of George JEPSON MRCS . He studied at St. Bartholomew's Hospital where he was House Surgeon under Earle. He gained his LSA in 1835 and was elected FRCS in 1855. He practised throughout his life at Durham where he was in partnership with William Green and later alone. He was medical Officer to the Sherburn Hospital and, after its reorganization, Surgeon to the County Hospital. He was also Medical Officer to the Penitentiary. When the Public Health Act was brought into operation he became the first Medical Officer of Health. He retired in 1889 to Scarborough and died there in December 1895. He was succeeded in his practice by his son Edward JEPSON MD. He married Jessie Maria, youngest daughter of the late George Gelliat Esq., of Horncastle, at St. George's Church, Leeds on 31 July 1879.


  		The Times 2 Aug 1879.



				William Frederick born c.1855

				George Born c.1857

				Edward JEPSON MD

				Eldest son of Edward Cane JEPSON, born at Durham. Succeeded his father in his practice and also sometime Mayor of Durham.



		Henry was born 13th September 1797, the son of the Rev. George JEPSON . He was baptised on 15 September 1797 at St Margaret's in The Close, Lincoln and was educated at Lincoln Grammar School. He then studied at Guy's and St. Thomas's Hospitals and gained MRCS and LSA in 1819. He was elected FRCS in 1853. He first practised at Colnbrook beside the Thames; next at Hampton where he was District Medical Officer of the Kingston Union, Surgeon to the Kingston Dispensary and to the Royal Humane Society. Plarr says of him " His amiability attracted to him a large circle of friends, including Sir Charles Clarke, Sir Andrew Halliday and Dr. Bright. He had been in partnership with Wentworth Raynes Findall MRCS and others, and had retired for about four years before his death on 23 November 1887 aged 91 years.. His portrait is in the Fellow's Album and has a resemblance to that of Edgar JEPSON, novelist, belonging to a branch of the same family at Leamington." He married Sophia LUTTRELL at St George's Hanover Square on 18 March 1829.


		Plarr's Lives of The Fellows of The Royal College of Surgeons.

		Obituary in The Lancet 3 Dec 1887;


		Richard JEPSON

		Born c.1789 the second son of the Rev. George JEPSON of Lincoln, Richard was baptised at St Margaret in the Close, Lincoln on 25 June 1789.




Rev. Thomas JEPSON MA

Born c.1680 at Thorney, Cambridgeshire Thomas was the son of the Rev. Thomas JEPSON. He was admitted Sizar at Magdalen College, Oxon 3 May 1698, Matriculated 1699 and was ordained Deacon as of Magdalen, 26 May 1700. On 24 May 1716 at St. Paul, Lincoln he married Elizabeth WOOD. He was inducted as Vicar of Newton Juxta Toft, Cambs., 23 Mar 1712; Curate at Ludford Magna ad St Mary (07 Sep 1721-); Vicar at Sixhill, Lincs (06 Dec 1716-). He lived at Sixhill, Lincs from his marriage in 1718

In his will dated He left a silver salver engraved with his coat of arms to the church at Sixhill. This salver is still in use today.



  - Parish registers;

  - Speculum Dioceseos Lincolniensis

  - Lincoln Diocesan records.




	William born 5 June 1718 See Above

	John baptised 4 July 1719 at Sixhill

	Thomas baptised 4 August 1720 at Sixhill died before 1721.

	Caroline baptised 29 September 1721 at Sixhill

	Thomas baptised 29 September 1721 at Sixhill

	Sylvester baptised 1 January 1722 at Sixhill

	Anne baptised 30 January 1723 at Sixhill

	Joseph baptised 5 May 1725 at Sixhill

	Benjamin baptised 9 September 1727

	Isabell baptised 15 September 1732 at Sixhill





  Results of Research to Date.





1. Michael WOOLF, according to his army discharge record and several census records was born in Exeter. The date of birth given in his first wife's Bible is 31 July 1825. However his age given at both his marriages tend more toward 1826 whilst his army record tends toward 1824.

His first marriage was on 2 February 1854 to Mary Ann CROSSCOMBE at St Sidwell's Church, Exeter. At that time he was a Bands-man in the 3rd. Light Dragoons stationed at St Davids Cavalry Barracks, Exeter. On his marriage record he named his father as Isaac WOOLF, shop-keeper. The marriage took place in an Anglican Church by Registrar's certificate and there is nothing to suggest that either party was of other than the Christian faith.


By his first marriage he had two daughters viz:-


Priscilla Charlotte born 23 Jul 1855 at Hampton Court. Middlesex she died c.1943 in Brighton, Sussex.


Caroline Hannah born 20 Jul 1862 at The Tower of London.and baptised 31 Aug 1862 at St. Peter ad Vincula, Middlesex. She married George Andrews JEPSON on 16 August 1885 at Exeter and died c.1935 in Brighton, Sussex.


Both girls trained as Court Dressmakers and worked as such in Exeter.


Michael was discharged from the army to pension from Curragh in Ireland on 25-7-1865. His examination at Chelsea Hospital as an Out-pensioner revealed that he had served 21 years, most of which had been in India and China. It is understood that his wife and both daughters followed the Regiment abroad and that Mary Ann was responsible for preparing uniforms for parades etc.




  			 Chelsea Hospital Discharge Examination.

		Regt: 3rd Foot. Rank Private.

		Name Michael Woolf. Age 41.

		Service: 6th Dragoons 3y 10m

  			3rd.Dragoons 11y 7m

  			 3rd Foot 5y 8m

  		 Pension 12d/day.

  		Overseas Service: India 14y 1m, China 1y 1m

		Conduct Very Good; four Good Conduct badges.

		Place of Birth Exeter, Devon. Occupation Labourer

		Height: 5ft. 6 7/8in. Eyes: Grey. Hair: Brown. Complexion Fresh.


Mary Ann WOOLF, his first wife died on March 23 1877; the family were then living at Clifton St, Exeter.

On 2 January 1878 Michael married Anna ANDREWS the daughter of William ANDREWS a Coach Trimmer of Centre St., Exeter. She was a spinster, aged 30 and was born in Honiton, Devon. At that time Michael was working as a Commercial Traveller although in the 1891 census he was shown as an Assurance Agent.


In 1881 the family were living at 17 Parr St., Exeter. Michael's two daughters were both living at home and working as Dressmakers. By his second wife he then had two children; Rose aged 2 and William A. aged 3 months.


By the 1891 census both of Michael's elder daughters had left home. Caroline Hannah married George Andrews JEPSON in 1885. At the time of their marriage George Andrews JEPSON was living at 28 Sandford St., Exeter. In 1881 this house was occupied by James WISEMAN a musician, his wife Hannah and their two children. By 1891 it is occupied by Charlotte LUCAS and two boarders so one must conclude that in 1885 it was probably just a boarding house and held no other significance.

At this time Michael and Anna were living at 5 Yeovil Place, Exeter with their young family. It now comprised:-

  Rose 12 who is now a domestic servant;

  William 10; shown as 'William A Woolf' in 1891

  Charles A. 7;

  Leah A. 4;

  Alfred A. 2. (Do you think that the 'A' stood for 'Andrews'?!)

Michael was working as an Assurance Agent.


Michael died on 12 August 1903 aged 78 at 51 Sandford St.


A William Alfred WOOLF of 14, Atlas Rd., Bedminster, Bristol was a Private in the RAMC during WW1. He died in Egypt on active service on 7 February 1919. Letters of Administration were granted to his wife Jessie Louisa WOOLF, his Widow relict on 15 July 1919 at Bristol. This may have been Michael's eldest son William.


Research aimed at finding Michael's parentage has been directed at two areas. First there is the family conviction that Michael was born of Jewish parents and that he left the faith in order to join the army. There is no tangible surviving evidence that he was of Jewish origins. Eminent Jewish historians have assured me that neither the name WO(O)LF(E) nor a Jewish appearance (ie features) have any significance. The family fears during WW2 are however considered by one of these historians to be of considerable significance.

Working on the assumption that Michael had Jewish origins I have explored the various Jewish families in Exeter and Plymouth at that time.

Michael's Jewish name was probably Michael ben Isaac and his father's name was probably Isaac ben Ze'ev (ie., the Hebrew for WOOLF). Based upon the stated occupation of Michael's father at his two marriages ie., shop-keeper and traveller I have now identified possible siblings:-


  William born 1810 married Ann LEVY 1830

  George born 1817 married Rachel; he was a traveller in stationery.

  Henry born 1820 married Martha Leah; he was a traveller in Jewellery

  Myer born 1820 an optician, married Phoebe ABRAHAMS.

William and Myer both had a father called Isaac WOOLF. George had a father called Jacob but Isaac and Jacob were interchangeable (for Biblical reasons).

Another person who may also belong to Isaac's family was Menahem Mendel ben Ze'ev (WOLF) whose mistress Rebecca converted to Judaism with her two daughters Leah and Rachel (aged 2 and 4) in September 1814.

Before this can be taken much further I need to search the 1841 census and Rate Books to find Michael and his parents.


The second line of attack we have adopted is to examine the family suggestion that there was some (scandalous?) relationship between Priscilla WOOLF and one Harry BANNISTER. On the assumption that any serious relationship between these two would have been unacceptable if they had been closely related eg., first cousins, Accordingly we have searched for any connection between a WOOLF family and a BANNISTER family. This yielded one Ezekiel WOOLF a Watch Maker of Birmingham who on his marriage to Elizabeth Leah PEYMAN in 1846 stated his father was Isaac WOOLF, Watchmaker. (could you check this occupation, please, my recollection is that it was given as 'shopkeeper') In the 1871 and 1881 census he gives his place of birth as Exeter. His daughter Elizabeth, born in 1851 married one Charles William BANNISTER. They had four daughters. No connection with a Harry BANNISTER has yet been revealed.

Ezekiel is contemporaneous with Michael and with a father Isaac could well be a brother. At the time of his marriage he lived at Bath St Abingdon, Berks. Shortly after that date we find him at 94, Smallbrook St., Birmingham where he carried on a business as a Watch and Clock Tool maker. He and Elizabeth had ten children including one called Isaac who was born in 1864. If indeed he was of Jewish parentage then his father Isaac must have been dead before 1864 as it was the practice of Ashkenazi Jews not to name children after living relatives! Charles William BANNISTER was a Watch Materials manufacturer also in Birmingham. It is considered significant that both of Michael's elder daughters visited Birmingham (vide the diary left by one of them). In this diary -- which was probably Priscilla's, she gives the following birthdays:-


  Dear Mother April 4th.

  George May 10th; George Andrews?

  Lizzie's May 9th; Elizabeth Bannister (neé WOOLF)?

  Dear Little May May 6th.

  Charlie June 24; Charles William Bannister or her half-brother Charles.?

  Father's Birthday July 31.

  Carrie's July 20; Caroline Hannah's

  Prissie's July 23; Priscilla's.





Michael's first wife Mary Ann was the daughter of Philip CROSSCOMBE a Tailor of Paris St, Exeter and Mary (neé MacDonald). According to the entry in her Bible she was born 4 April 1826. However, the paish records for St Paul's Exeter give her date of Baptism as 21 April 1822! She came from a family of seven children (five girls and two boys). One of her sisters, Sarah, was convicted of stealing three shillings from her mistress and was transported to Australia for seven years. In Australia she married another convict William Macguire who had been similarly sentenced for stealing a pet rabbit! She died in Hobart, Tasmania on 3 February 1901.

 Mary MacDonald was baptised at Seaton & Beer on 24 December 1797, the eldest child and only daughter of William MacDonald and Sarah. They also had three sons Thomas, James and John.

Philip CROSSCOMBE was the eldest son of John CROSSCOMBE by his second marriage to Ann STOYLE (12 September 1797). He was baptised 14 April 1799 at Bideford, Devon. John CROSSCOMBE was a Cordwainer and was born in Bideford in 1760 the eldest son of Philip CROSSCOMBE and Esther (neé ADAMS). Philip was born in Bideford c.1723 and was a Shoemaker. He and Esther were married at Bideford on 7 February 1743 and was probably the son of John CROSSCOMBE and Wilmote DREW of Braunton.


The Duesbury Family


Elizabeth Duesbury, who married George Andrews Jepson at All Saints Church, Derby (later to become Derby Cathedral) 9 March 1800, was the eldest daughter of John and Hannah Duesbury (she possibly has a twin sister Ann). She was baptised 19 Sep 1781 at St Alkmunds Church, Derby. John was the foreman at the Duesbury china factory in the town, which was owned by William Duesbury. No firm link has yet been established between John and William.




William Duesbury (often referred to as 'William Duesbury I'), thought to be John's father, is thought to have been born in Longton, near Stoke, c.1725. He was trained in the china clay industry, but his flair in this field soon took him to London where his designs won him wide acclaim. He married Sarah James of Shrewsbury (possibly the Sarah baptised at St Chad's, Shrewsbury, 23 Aug 1724, daughter of Robert James and Mary Clarke). He moved back up to the Midlands in the 1750's, and established the Derby China Clay Company in Derby (now Derby Crown China). He was buried at St Alkmunds 2 Nov 1786.


	Children:	Mary			chr St Alkmunds 13 Nov 1756

			Sarah			chr St Alkmunds 10 Apr 1758. d.i.

			Sarah		chr St Alkmunds 8 Jul 1759, buried there 12 Jan 1767

			James		chr St Alkmunds 30 Mar 1765, married to Mary.

			Dorothea		m. 29 Dec 1786 at St Alkmunds to Rev Charles Chawner,

						rector of Church Broughton, Derbyshire. Six children.

			John			q.v.

			William	II		q.v.

			Samuel			m. 13 Feb 1788 to Ann Hilton. Six children. Link to rest of

						family not proven

			Edward			m. 1 Jan 1787 at Duffield, Derbyshire, to Elizabeth Bostock.

						Ten children, some of which were baptised at St Alkminds.

						Link to rest of family not proven.


William Duesbury II was probably the eldest son of William (I), and took over the running of the factory upon his father's death in 1786. He was married at Sy Alkmunds 4 Jan 1787 to Elizabeth Edwards, and had five children, including William Duesbury (III), who was later to succeed him. It was around this time that the company was sold, and the younger William emigrated to the States.


Children of William Duesbury (II):


		William	(III)		chr St Alkmunds 17 Feb 1787

		Sarah			chr St Alkmunds 3 Jul 1788

		Ann Elizabeth		chr St Alkmunds 6 Feb 1790. Married 22 Nov 1813 at All Saints, 		

					Derby, to Francis Jessop

		Nathaniel		chr St Alkmunds 22 Nov 1791

		Frederic		chr St Alkmunds 2 Feb 1794















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