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1302 - 1749

This list of mayors of Nottingham was compiled in 1751 by Charles Deering M.D. in his book Nottinghamia Vetus et Nova, or an Historical Account of the Ancient and present State of the Town of Nottingham. He describes the list up to the year 1598 as being 'imperfect' and that from 1600 forwards as being 'more perfect' - presumably an indication of his confidence in its accuracy.

Clive Henly


1302 Johannes filius de le Paumer
1314 Robert Ingram
1330 Nicholas de Shelford
1332 Lawrence Le Spicer
1334 William de Amyas
1334-5 Roger de Botchal
1340 Ralph de Wolaton
1367 John Samon
1370 John Saumon
1379 John de Plumptre
1382 John Samon
1384 John Samon
1389 John de Crowshagh
1390 John de Croweshawe
1391 Henry de Normanton
1393 William Huntsman
1394 John de Plumptre
1399 John de Tannesley
1404 Robert Glade
1412 Robert Glade
1415 Thomas Kay
1422 Thomas Poge
1425 William Stokes
1427 John Plumptre
1429 William Brodhelm
1437 John Plumptre
1438 William Webster
1441 William Hallifax
1444 Thomas Alastre
1447 Gualfrid Knyveton
1449 Thomas Thurland
1458 Thomas Thurland
1467 John Hunt
1469 Thomas Alestre
1470 Robert Englishe
1471 Thomas Lockton
1475 Thomas Hunt
1486 William Hyggyn
1487 Richard Ody
1506 Richard Melleurs
1507 Richard Pykerde
1522 Thomas Mellors
1544 John Plumptre
1548 Robert Lovat
1551 Thomas Cockayne
1557 William Atkynson
1571 John Gregory
1574 Robert Burton
1576 Henry Newton
1577 Richard James
1578 William Scot
1580 Robert Alvey
1581 Robert Burton
1584 Peter Clarke
1585 William Scott
1586 John Gregory
1587 Robert Alvey
1588 Robert Marsh
1590 John Brownlow
1591 Peter Clarke
1592 William Scott
1593 William Trott
1594 Robert Alvey
1595 Richard Hurt
1596 Richard Morehaghe
1597 Peter Carke
1598 Anker Jackson
1600 Humphrey Bonner
1602 Richard Hurt
1603 Richard Morehaghe
1604 Richard Welsh
1605 Anker Jackson
1606William Freeman
1607Humphrey Bonner
1608Robert Staples
1609Richard Hurt
1610Richard Morehaghe
1611Richard Welsh
1612Anker Jackson
1613William Freeman
1614Marmeduke Gregory
1615Robert Staples
1616Thomas Nix
1617Leonard Nix
1619Anker Jackson
1620Marmeduke Gregory
1621Richard Parker
1622Robert Staples
1623Robert Sherwin
1624Leonard Nix
1625Stephen Hill
1626Peter Parker
1627John James
1628Richard Parker
1629Alexander Staples
1630Robert Sherwin
1631Leonard Nix
1632William Gregory
1633Robert Parker
1634John James
1635Richard Hardmeat
1636William Nix
1637Robert Sherwin
1638Robert Burton
1639William Gregory
1640William Drury
1641John James
1642Richard Hardmeat
1643William Nix
1644William Nix
1645Thomas Gamble
1646John James
1647William Drury
1648William Richards
1649William Nix
1650Thomas Gamble
1651Richard Dring
1652William Drury
1653Francis Toplady
1654John Parker, mercer
1655Thomas Huthwaite
1656William Richards
1657Thomas Gamble
1658Richard Dring
1659William Drury
1660Francis Toplady
1661John Parker, mercer
1662Christopher Hall
1663William Greaves
1664Ralph Edge
1665William Jackson
1666Richard Hodgekins
1667Joseph Wright
1668John Parker, mercer
1669Christopher Hall
1670William Greaves
1671Ralph Edge
1672William Jackson
1673Richard Hodgekins
1674Joseph Wright
1675John Parker, grocer
1676Christopher Hall
1677William Greaves
1678Ralph Edge
1679John Parker, grocer
1680Gervas Rippon
1681Gervas Wyld
1682William Toplady
1683Christopher Hall
1684William Petty
1685Robert Wortley
1686John Parker, grocer
1687Gervas Rippon
John Sherwin
George Langford

This year came King James II, his 'Quo Waranto' to this Town,
when Gervas Rippon and the five preceeding were turned out, and
the following put into their< room, viz. John Sherwin, George
Langford, Charles Harvey, ........ Hydeand ........ Crisp, which
two last did not live to be Mayors, John Sherwin dying during
his Mayoralty in the month of May, George Langford was placed in
the chair, and continued Mayor the succeeding year.

1688George Langford
1689Charles Harvey
1690John Hawkins
1691Joseph Turpin
1692William Greaves
1693Thomas Trigge
1694Arthur Rickards
1695John Hoe
1696Francis Samon
1697Samuel Leland
1698William Greaves
1699Thomas Collin
1700Samuel Watkinson
1701John Rickards
1702John Peake
1703Samuel Smith
1704William Barke
1705John Shipman
1706Francis Samon
1707William Drury
1708Samuel Watkinson
1709John Peake
1710Samuel Smith
1711Benjamin Green
1712William Barke
1713John Collin
1714John Shipman
1715Thomas Hawksley
Samuel Watkinson

Alderman Hawksley was displaced March the 20th, in the year of his

1716John Sherwin
1717Thomas Trigge
1718Marmaduke Pennel
1719Richard Bearn
1720William Bilbie
1721Benjamin Green
1722Alexander Burden
1723Thomas Trigge
1724Marmaduke Pennel
1725Richard Bearn
1726William Bilbie
1727Joseph Walters
1728Benjamin Greene
1729Alexander Burden
1730William Trigge
1731Thomas Trigge
1732John Huthwaite
1733Thomas Langford
1734William Bilbie
1735Benjamin Green
1736Alexander Burden
1737William Trigge
1738John Newton
1739James Huthwaite
1740Thomas Langford

Of this gentleman it is observable, that he was chosen Alderman
whilst he was serving the Office of Sheriff: that in his first
Mayoralty, one ward, aged 106 years was made Burgess: and that when
he was Mayor a second time, he was also high Sheriff of the County
of Nottingham, and acquitted himself with great applause.

1741Alexander Burden
1742William Trigge
1743John Hornbuckle
1744John Burton
1745Henry Butler
1746James Huthwaite
1747Thomas Langford
1748William Trigge
1749John Hornbuckle


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